The Patio

After a long day at work, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. Our patio offers just that – a breath of fresh air. With plenty of seating options, including shaded areas for those sunny days, relaxation is just a step away. Our succulent garden adds to the serene ambiance, providing the perfect backdrop for a quick break, a peaceful lunch, or even a team event! For any events, please book The Patio in our member portal or app!

Capacity: 30 persons | Price: $20/Hour | Half-day: $65 | Full-day: $130

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the maximum occupancy at The Patio?

The max occupancy is 30 people for The Patio. This space is great for a casual lunch outside, or for big team events!

Can I book the entire patio space for an event?

Yes! The Patio is bookable in our app and runs at $20 per hour. Members may use their allotted monthly meeting room hours towards patio bookings. 

What’s the parking situation like?

Our space provides plenty of free parking for all of your team members!

Will my guests have access to all of the amenities at TDD?

Yes, you and your guests will always have access to the amenities when using the space!

I have a few more questions...

We’d love to answer all of your questions! Head over to our ‘contact’ tab to chat with one of our staff members. 

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