Tangram Meeting Room

Our smallest meeting room is perfect for small groups and intimate discussions. Our rustic, yet professional space will provide your team with all the necessary resources to meet your goal! This room includes a TV monitor with click-share capabilities, a whiteboard to quickly jot down big ideas, and a table that seats five guests. 

Capacity: 5 persons | Price: $40/Hour | Half-day: $130 | Full-day: $260

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the maximum occupancy in the Tangram Meeting Room?

The max occupancy in the training room is 5 people!

Do I need a laptop in order to use the TV?

Yes! There is a television in the Tangram Meeting Room that can be connected to your laptop. You can mirror your screen onto the TV with a provided plug-in. 

Can I connect my laptop to the TV?

Yes! Our TV can be used with or without a connected device. A laptop can be used to mirror your screen onto the monitor.

What’s the parking situation like?

Our space provides plenty of free parking for all of your team members!

Can I book this room for extended amounts of time?

Yes! Our meeting rooms are available to book by the hour, half-day, full-day, and longer! Book this room by contacting us or through the button above.

Will my guests have access to all of the amenities at TDD?

Yes, you and your guests will always have access to the amenities when using the space!

I have a few more questions...

We’d love to answer all of your questions! Head over to our ‘contact’ tab to chat with one of our staff members. 

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