Dog-Friendly Policy

The Daily Desk is thrilled to offer its members the opportunity to bring their dogs with them to work. Our Dog Policy is designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members and their furry companions. We understand that dogs are beloved members of the family, and allowing them to be present in the workplace can increase happiness, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall productivity. However, we recognize that allowing dogs in the workplace comes with certain risks. Please complete the following form before bringing your pup into the space. Thank you!

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We ask that all owners follow these protocols:
1.1. Release The Daily Desk of all liability concerning issues related to your dog

1.2. Be respectful of other members who may be uncomfortable by your pet’s behavior and take active steps in addressing potential issues with other members

1.3. Remain attentive and responsible for your dog’s needs (any waste must be disposed of in a trash receptacle outside of the building)

1.4. Immediately take your pet home if your pet’s behavior or health makes it a distraction or danger to any members or guests in the workspace

1.5. Do not leave your dog unattended at any time
All Dogs Must Be:
2.1. At least 9 months old

2.2. Currently on vaccinations including Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (DDTP), and Rabies, at all times. Current vaccination records must be provided to The Daily Desk

2.3. Currently licensed with the Solano or Napa County. A current license must be provided to The Daily Desk.

2.4. Parasite-free (fleas, ticks, etc.) and spayed or neutered

2.5. Show no aggression towards humans or other animals

2.6. Potty-trained and of good hygiene (e.g., no unpleasant or strong odors)

2.7. Not exhibiting disruptive behavior (e.g., aggressive or hyper behavior, excessive barking)

2.8. Refrained from sitting on or damaging any TDD furniture
Release of Liability:
As a member bringing your dog into The Daily Desk, you acknowledge and accept all risks associated with this policy. You agree to release The Daily Desk from all liability for any harm, injuries, or property damage that may result from your dog being present in the workplace.

By choosing to bring your dog to work, you accept responsibility for ensuring that your dog is well-behaved, properly trained, and up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. You are responsible for keeping your dog on a leash or in a secure crate at all times. You also agree to clean up after your dog and to take full responsibility for any damage your dog may cause to the workspace or to the property of other members.

In the event that your dog causes harm or damage to another member or their property, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any resulting costs and will indemnify and hold The Daily Desk harmless from any damages or claims.

We hope that you and your dog will enjoy your time at The Daily Desk. With your cooperation and adherence to our Dog Policy, we can create a comfortable and safe space for all our members and their furry companions.
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* The privilege of bringing your dog to The Daily Desk can be revoked at any time at the discretion of our staff

* Day pass holders are not permitted to bring their dogs into our space